Young Generation For Jesus (YG4J) 媒体事工是一个成立于2020年夏,以教会为根基,主要以多媒体形式连接各地主内肢体的国度型事工,该事工的异象是引领年轻世代见证基督、活出大使命的人生。YG4J由华人牧者团契青少年事工发起,由COM在NM的当地同工主要负责、组织运行;日常的节目制作主要由UNM校园团契的年轻同工群体执行。

YG4J主要采用Peer-Talk,即通过年轻人对话、见证的方式,而非传统式教导的方式来见证 神的工作。目前主要有以下栏目,包括:年轻世代的成长见证,信仰圆桌派,原创音乐和生活纪实等。点击下面视频链接,或者在YouTube搜索“YG4J”,和在Instagram上搜索“yg4j_2020”可以及时看到YG4J的所有更新内容。

Young Generation For Jesus (YG4J) is a church-centered ministry established in the summer of 2020, mainly connecting the body of Christ through multimedia. The vision of YG4J is “To guide the young generation to witness Christ, and living the life for the Great Commission”. YG4J was initiated by the Chinese Pastors’ Fellowship, and is in charge by COM’s local staff in New Mexico; the routine operation and program production is performed by coworkers from the UNM Campus Fellowship.

Peer-talk is the identity of YG4J, in other words, we witness God's work through young people’s conversational discussion and testimony rather than the traditional speaker-to-audience strategy, we believe that is the key to effectively impact the young generation. At present, a number of columns are produced, including Young Generation Testimonies, Let’s Talk, original music and life documentary, etc. 

Click the links below, or search for "YG4J" on YouTube, or “yg4j_2020" on Instagram to find all YG4J’s content, check out!

【年轻世代的成长见证系列】 | Young Gerneration Testimonies

【年轻世代的成长见证】(一)每天都为神而活 Young Gerneration Testimonies (1) Everyday is for God's Glory

【信仰圆桌派系列】 | Let's Talk

【Let's Talk 信仰圆桌派】|(一)Body Image身材重要吗?

【原创音乐系列】 | Original Music

【原创音乐】|满足|Satisfication Music by 印记乐队